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Owning a property in Greece will give you the key to open the gates of Schengen countries and travel around easily. Greece is only 1-3 hours away from European countries.

Greece is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area and in the ideal location in Europe compared to other European Countries (EU).

Travel freely throughout the Schengen Area, which includes most EU countries, as also four countries outside the EU: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Choosing and obtaining GOLDEN VISA GREECE, you can travel to all these countries directly and freely without the troublesome and hectic VISA procedure and without even passing by Greece.

Picking Greece for Euresidence, every European destination is only 1-3 hours flights.

COSCO, HUAWEI, ZTE and other well-known, large firms have realized it already and are using Greece, as their HQ for Europe.

The nowdays existing lower prices in Greek properties are rather temporary. Recent economic studies have figured out that this will not last much longer.

Get your desired property in rock bottom prices.

It is the best moment to invest in Greece, since, due to the financial crisis the prices are the lowest all over Europe.

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  • Minimum capital requirements
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Greece is eventually emerging from a six-year long period of recession, during which the national product declined by 30% and real estate prices by at least 50%.

2014 showed the first signs of recovery. The real estate sector will follow shortly. Now is the time to invest in the best properties situated in most advantageous locations, at the prices of 90’s.

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Mediterranean climate (winter-summer) | Unique natural environment | Safety | Wonderful sea and beaches | Breathtaking views | Healthy cuisine | Greek fun.

Greece is the country of more than 5,000 islands with the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The coastline (about 15,500 kilometers) is longer than the People's Republic of China.

Greece has unique natural landscapes and land of great natural beauties, stunning traditional architecture, with monuments built many centuries ago.

The islands, the mountains, the rivers, the sea, along with its lifestyle, food and atmosphere have positioned Greece to the top countries attracting visitors in Europe, with more than 21 million in 2014.

The superb Mediterranean cuisine based on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a leading feature in well-being and longevity of Greek people.

The Greeks know how to enjoy nightlife and it is never enough unless they see the sun rising. Greece never sleeps!

And all these in a wonderful sense of security that makes Greek parents let their children to enjoy nightlife alone after midnight, even in the center of one of Europe's major cities: Athens!

It is your turn to join this experience by yourself!

Now it's time to watch the Greek legends revive! Explore culture! Travel back in history, listen great stories for the ancient Greeks and walk their paths...

Ancient Greek Culture was the birthplace of Western civilization about 4000 years ago. Ancient Greece produced many magnificent achievements in areas of government, science, philosophy and the arts that still influence our lives.

  • Democracy
  • Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Olympic Games

were born in GREECE

In every step you make in Athens, Mycenae, Crete, Olympia, Delphi, from the smallest island to the highest mountain you feel the 4.000 years of Greek culture.

The origin of the world Hospitality is the unique Greek word “philoxenia”. Philoxenia is analyzed by the phrase friend + stranger (Philos+Xenos).

Greece has offered to the world a great civilization that makes the foreigners friends and greets them with a big smile, a treat and a very friendly attitude.

Greece, and especially Athens, is the cradle of democracy in the western civilization.

Greece has importantly influenced the Western science in many ways. The Ancient Greeks especially contributed many things to the scientific world, from medicine to astronomy.

Ancient Greek philosophy focused on the role of reason and inquiry. It had an important influence on modern philosophy, as well as modern science.

The art of ancient Greece has exercised an enormous influence on the culture of many countries from ancient times until the present

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This GOLDEN VISA GREECE is giving acces to Greek universities, public and private. This GOLDEN VISA offers you health safety and medical care at the highest levels.

Greece is leading at Education and Health.

The educational level in Greece is high due to universities that are highly positioned on the worldwide rankings and offer unlimited opportunities for postgraduate studies both in Greek and English.

Students from the rest of the world come to study in Greece.

The reputation of Greek doctors has attracted medical tourism to Greek hospitals from other foreign countries. The educational studies are highly leveled. The best evidence for this, is that Greek scientists and researchers, from all the scientific fields, enjoy international recognition and repute.

Now, you have the unique opportunity for you and your children to take advantage of these divine gifts offered through GOLDEN VISA GREECE.

Enjoy the Mediterranean sensation of:

  • Unique weather
  • Clean environment
  • Bespoke hospitality
  • Worldwide famous culture
  • Healthy Mediterranean food
  • Safety
  • High level education
  • Best medical services